Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Meeting Room Booking Software

It is a technology that allow you to track any person who has access to a particular place or office. Anyone who is not a regular employee is considered to as a visitor. Whether they are relatives, courier guy, interviewee or a consultant. This system replace the conventional method of papers and files to an online method. Issuance of badges is still applicable.  Meeting room booking software is a process that help an organization to keep have smooth and organized meetings. It varies with the organization.

Advantages of Using A Meeting Room Booking Software

Reduces Traffic

Imagine when everyone in the city is streaming to this office to try and get a room with them and they all meet at the reception. It is chaotic, and tiring to the staff always having to sit there and tell you the place is fully booked. Then you have to cross the street to the other office on fifth or tenth floor to hear the same or join a long queue and get the physical booking done. So with meeting room booking software you have reduced traffic.

It Is Fast And Less Costly In Time And Money

At the comfort of your home or office chair, one can do the booking to the end and share the details with the group. They can all participate to the process too. This would be impossible if done physically.

It Is Modern In The Era Where Everything Is Done Online

With the pandemic, things have shifted to online space. It is not recommended to have physical contacts and the rules that allow that may hinder the booking process if it is done physically.

You Can Get And Refer To Information At Your Own Pace And As Many Times As Possible

Some people find it hard to ask the same questions twice yet they haven’t grasped the content. With information available online you can access it at your convenience without feeling bad to check severally.

  1. Easy to trace information and people. You can easily tell who is attending and where they are located and seated.

Disadvantages Of Using A Meeting Room Booking Software

  1. In case you need more clarity, you have no one to ask to unless you call the office line and it is picked. Some of the office lines are out of service or need to be updated.
  2. It limits people without online access or literacy to use such method and devices.
  3. Language barrier may marginalize some users. It is not easy to find a system that has several languages used. Some languages are not included also.
  4. Technical problems, if they happen can cause a mix up or an inconvenience that can cause losses in time and trust in some companies. Bad image is a huge cost to a company.
  5. Limitation of information. A client would want to have a certain information that is not in the system. Most of the information given are standard.
  6. They won’t give you a chance to bargain for a discount unless it is on offer.

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