Knowing if Online Booking Meeting is Secure?

Booking meeting rooms is difficult. This can be especially difficult if you are doing it the physical way. The way you go from room to room looking for a vacant spot to set up a meeting. To add on, it is time-consuming and expensive, with billions of money going to those events every year.

To bring back sanity and save money on meetings, most companies are shifting to booking meeting rooms digitally. This is far easy and fast, plus it relieves them of the time wasted in corridors for one meeting to end for another to begin. The only challenge with this method is knowing if it is secure.

Security Considerations When Booking Meeting Rooms

Often, hackers may gain access to one of your meetings and land on important company details. This is so when you use some of these online booking systems. There is no actual way to confirm security before booking meeting online. Still, there are ways you can protect yourself from hackers’ prying eyes. Here are some of them.

Secure Internet

Always use a secure internet when scheduling online meetings. Alongside this, use Apps that are ISO 27001 certified. These are approved and well protected against hackers.

Use Advanced Restrictions

Use advanced restrictions when booking and holding meetings. These are things like designating one admin to handle the opening and closing of such meetings, plus allowing people in. session locks also go a long way. When all members are seated, the room won’t allow any more people in. It locks automatically until the session is over.

Terminating Credentials

Another advance restriction method is by terminating credentials once the meetings are over. A member cannot use the logins to gain access to any other meeting. If you schedule a new meeting, they have to get new credentials to attend. Your team should be alert not to share their login credentials with anybody not part of the meeting.

Blacklist Document

When booking meeting rooms, you should blacklist some of your most valued documents. This ensures they don’t get mistakenly shared across the platform you are using. Imagine accidentally leaking your financial reports or business plans to some of your competitors. Not cool.

Always arm yourself with the knowledge of some features that make booking meeting rooms secure. These are things like the site being FedRAMP compliant.

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