Revitalash – Hi Def Brow Pencil – Warm Brown

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Lovely eyebrow pen that is super delicious and waterproof. This pen is with a pencil at one end and a nice brush at the other that can create the desired look. The pointed end makes it easy to define and shape the brows. This pen is long-lasting and also contains vitamin E, which nourishes both the skin and the brow. With the color, it is possible to both fill in the brow, as well as make small strokes that will look like hair strands, so that the brows will look naturally fuller. The brush can also be used to style the hairs in the same direction, so they get a more perfect look and blend the color naturally. Hi Def Eyebrow Pencil from Revitalash, is an absolutely fantastic when it comes to similar, beautiful and natural eyebrows and is at the same time easy and quick to use.


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